KNF&T Attends Crossroads for Kids’ 6th Annual Urban Campfire Event

Wednesday, April 30th, Crossroads for Kids held its 6th Annual Urban Campfire event at the Boston Harbor Hotel. This event brought together almost 240 Crossroads supporters, staff and youth to celebrate Crossroads for Kids’ 10 year program that inspires youth to unlock their potential and positively impact the world.  The event raised over $500,000 and is their most successful event to date.

L to R: Khalil, Gretchen, Ellen, and Milo

L to R: Khalil, Gretchen, Ellen, and Milo

Guests heard the amazing story of how Crossroads for Kids changed one young woman’s life and enabled her to have a bright and promising future. Guests also had the chance to speak with many of the Crossroads’ Youth Ambassadors and learn how their lives are directly impacted through their involvement with this incredible organization. It was a truly inspirational evening.

KNF&T Staffing Resources is a proud Sponsor of Crossroads for Kids and the Urban Campfire event. Beth Tucker, President and CEO of KNF&T, is a member of the 2014 Urban Campfire Even Committee and has been involved with this organization for over 5 years.


For more information about Crossroads for Kids, click here to visit their website.