KNF&T Hosts Crossroads Leadership Roundtable

Last week, KNF&T was proud to welcome a group of Crossroads students to our Boston office as we hosted a Leadership Roundtable. Crossroads is focused on empowering under-resourced youth to unlock their full potential and positively impact the world. They provide summer and school years programs to help students become economically independent citizens, socially responsible leaders, and emotionally connected adults.

For our event, we started with a tour of the office and explained what a staffing agency is, what recruiters like us do on a day-to-day basis, and how we help candidates find the right job. Then, we discussed interview skills that we find are so important to the success of a candidate, like being engaged, dressing for the job, and sending a thank you letter. We broke off into one-on-one sessions so the students could apply those skills in real life. The discussions were lively and it was wonderful to hear from all of these students who already possess so many of the skills needed to impress in an interview. Simply put, they are impressive!

We are proud to be involved with an organization like Crossroads and cannot wait to see the success that is sure to come for these students!