KNF&T Staffing Resources’ Success Story: Keeping an open mind helped this candidate to achieve his career goal

Josh Gambrell

Joshua G.

Joshua, a 2003 Wheelock College graduate, came to KNF&T Staffing Resources early in 2013 looking to reenter the workforce after a short career hiatus. Although he was open to temporary work, he made it clear his ultimate goal was to find permanent employment.  Joshua was very open minded regarding the types of companies he would consider working for and, although he hoped to work within a positive team atmosphere, he especially wanted the opportunity to utilize his administrative skills and editorial expertise. Joshua looked forward to finding a role that offered challenges and the ability to further expand his knowledge and improve his skill set.

“Working with KNF&T was my very first experience with a staffing agency and I was weary. I had heard horror stories from others about temping but my job search netted interviews but no offers. My time out of the workforce was increasing and I feared appearing undesirable to employers. It was clear that I needed help which led me to KNF&T.”

-Joshua, KNF&T candidate

In April, Jillian Ciarletta, Manager of the Boston Temporary Division and Joshua’s Consultant, was able to place Joshua in a temporary position working within a science and technology consulting organization in Boston. He was hired to fill an Office Manager position while the company conducted a search for a candidate to fill the role permanently.

“I had a wonderful experience working with Jillian and KNF&T. From the first conversation, it was apparent to me that Jillian was on my team,” said Joshua. “She actively listened to what I was looking for in work, offering clear and thoughtful suggestions for how to accomplish my short-term goals. She also respected my long-term career goals. I understood that after time out of the workforce that I needed to close the gap on my resume. I expressed to Jillian that I was willing to take any new opportunity and make the most of it.”

After searching for a month, the company found the perfect candidate and made an offer…to Joshua! From his first day there, Joshua hit the ground running and consistently went above and beyond the expectations for his temporary role. In a short period of time Joshua had established himself as a tremendous asset and team player within the company and it was a perfect culture fit for both Joshua and the organization. Joshua was thrilled to accept the position and in doing so was able to achieve his initial career goals!

“Within a day of our first meeting, Jillian contacted me about a temporary position, which, after a month, led to a permanent offer for full-time work. I’m with a great company committing work I feel good about. Working with KNF&T has been a wholly positive experience and I count the firm as an ongoing resource.”

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