KNF&T Temps Named Finalists in MSA’s Staffing Employee of the Year Awards


KNF&T Staffing Resources is proud to announce that two members of our temporary staff have been named finalists in the Massachusetts Staffing Association (MSA) Staffing Employee of the Year Awards! Lynda McGuirk and Denny Diveley, both honorees of KNF&T’s Temp of the Quarter Contest, have been named two out of ten finalists.

Lynda first worked with KNF&T in 2005 and, after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Master’s Degree in Hospitality Administration, returned to KNF&T to explore contract opportunities as she worked on – and ultimately published – her book about surviving and thriving with a traumatic brain injury.

Denny is a trained geologist and vertebrae paleontologist who came to KNF&T as part of a plan to relocate from New York City to MA in early 2015. She was placed in two contract positions for one of our largest clients and, because they liked her so much, they created a role specifically for her.

The MSA Staffing Employee of the Year Awards provides the opportunity to honor a select group of staffing employees that are the heart and soul of our industry. The ultimate winner (Staffing Employee of the Year) will be chosen at a ceremony on October 20th. Wish us luck!