Labor Department: April Report News Roundup

newspaperThe Labor Department has released its report on the nation’s hiring and unemployment for April, 2016. The big take away is that payroll employment increased by 160,000 in April, and the unemployment rate is unchanged at 5%. But, what does this mean? Instead of sifting through the press release for context, take a look at what the media is saying:

The Wall Street Journal

“The pace of job creation slowed so far in 2016 after consecutive years of robust gains. Yet, wage increases firmed and work week grew longer last month, both signs of solid underlying demand for labor despite slower hiring.”

“The hiring slowdown​ could push out the Federal Reserve’s time frame for an increase to its benchmark interest rate.”


“Weak productivity helps explain the divergence between lackluster economic growth and a fairly robust labor market.”

The New York Times

“In the last three months, the economy has gained about 200,000 jobs a month on average.”

“The proportion of Americans in the labor force dropped last month to 62.8 percent from 63 percent in March, partially reversing a rebound that began last fall after the participation rate hit lows last seen in the 1970s.”

The Boston Globe

“The proportion of adults either working or searching for work fell last month after four months of gains. Those increases were a positive sign because they suggested that many Americans were resuming job hunts amid signs of stronger hiring.”

“Unseasonably cool weather in the Northeast may have delayed shopping for summer clothes, causing stores to cut workers.”