Latoya Johnson Named 4th Quarter Winner for KNF&T’s Staffing Employee of the Year Contest

KNF&T is excited to announce Latoya Johnson as the fourth quarter winner for our 2019 Staffing Employee of the Year contest.

Although she didn’t have prior experience working with a staffing firm, Latoya turned to KNF&T for help on her job search after reading online reviews. “I spoke to their receptionist who told me more about the process and next steps for starting my job search,” Latoya noted. “She was extremely informative and patiently answered all of my questions. From there, I was able to make an appointment right away with one of KNF&T’s recruiters.”

“Once I arrived at KNF&T, I was greeted by their receptionist and taken into an interview room to meet with a recruiter. It was a candid, personal conversation where we talked about my ideal job, background, strengths and weaknesses, and salary expectations. The recruiter was genuinely interested in learning about me as a person and I truly felt like I was in good hands,” Latoya stated.

Latoya was open with her recruiter about wanting a career change. “My recruiter suggested that I start out by working different temporary roles to gain experience and develop new skills,” she commented. “I’m glad I took her advice because after I worked a few contract positions, I finally landed an Administrative Assistant position in the Cardiology Department of a high-profile hospital.”

Three years later, Latoya has shined in that very same position where she is responsible for the administrative logistics around things like cardiology clinic EKGs, compliance, and patient information. “Everything about my job is fantastic,” Latoya noted. “I have an easy commute, supportive coworkers, and my supervisor is amazing. She is approachable, detail-oriented, helpful, and always makes the work place a great environment to be in.”

Latoya’s consultant at KNF&T comments: “Since my team started working with Latoya in 2016, she has been nothing less than communicative, a joy to work with, and incredibly reliable.” Latoya’s manager also shows her appreciation in saying, “Latoya is one of the best employees I’ve ever had. She is smart, dependable, customer-service focused and an excellent team player. Latoya commits 100% to her position, almost never calls out and is a positive exemplary employee who the other staff look up to.”

Latoya concludes: “My experience with KNF&T has been amazing. What I love most about working with KNF&T is how responsive they are whenever I have questions–I always hear back immediately with answers. I truly believe that they put their candidates first and I am so grateful to feel noticed and appreciated by the team.”

KNF&T’s Staffing Employee of the Year contest focuses on the accomplishments and achievements of KNF&T’s temporary and contract employees. Click here for more information.

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