Learn to love the phone interview

Phone interviews can be challenging, they don’t feel as formal as a face to face interview but they can be just as important.  Many times an employer will require a phone interview before a face to face meeting to verify your credentials and get a feel for your personality as well as experience.  Portraying yourself as professional, friendly, polite, and calm over the phone are all qualities employers will look for and will also help you get your foot in the door for the next step in the interview process.

Before the call you need to prepare.  The worst thing to do is to have the phone ring and feel a sense of panic.  Make sure you are in a quiet space with no background noise with your resume printed out in front of you.  With no computer noise or voices in the background you will give the person on the other side a sense that you are serious and focused.  Also, practice beforehand for the questions you think the interviewer may ask.   Just by saying the answers out loud a few times you will feel more confident in what you are saying.

During the call it is all about thoughtful listening and answering.  Give the interviewer time to talk but also make sure to show them that you are carefully listening to what they have to say through your answers.  Showing your interest and preparation are the best way to get you to the next step.

Do you have any tips for acing the phone interview?  Tell us about your interviews for Boston jobs below.