Life as an Intern at KNF&T

Internships are an invaluable part of the college experience and an excellent building block for your career. Not only do internships allow you to get a taste of what it’s like working in “the real world,” but they also help you to narrow down your professional interests so that you’re more prepared to start your career. If you’re thinking about an internship, we highly recommend it. In fact, we have a fantastic intern, Madison, who can help shed light on what it’s like to work at a staffing firm in this Q&A:

Q. What made you want to apply for an internship at KNF&T?

A. One of my classes at school required me to have an internship, and the job posting for KNF&T’s open position caught my eye. Although I didn’t know much about recruiting, it seemed like I would be taking on a lot of real responsibilities, which attracted me to the role and is unique for an internship. I wanted the ability to learn a lot and dig deep into the work that recruiters were doing. It seemed like a great opportunity and I’m always open to new things, so I applied pretty quickly. Now, I’ve been here for five months and it has been an unforgettable experience.

Q. What have been your responsibilities throughout your internship?

A. The first two weeks consisted of training as well as light sourcing, which means combing the internet for candidates and reaching out to set up interviews between the candidates and the recruiters. Now, I have taken on most of the sourcing for the entire accounting and finance recruiting department. I also conduct in-person interviews and do numerous phone interviews daily.

Q. Was it easy balancing interning at KNF&T and being a full-time student?

A. Yes, KNF&T was very accommodating to my schedule. I was able to create a balance of working at KNF&T three days a week and then attending classes the other two days. If there were any conflicts between school and my internship, I was always granted the flexibility to work it out.

Q. How would you describe your experience interning at KNF&T so far?

A. Overall, it has been very positive. I brag about my internship here all the time to everyone that I know. I love that I am able to work on higher level tasks and that I have direct communication with my supervisor. It’s a great learning experience. Since I am working directly with my team and manager, I feel like I am a full time employee even though I’m only here three times a week.

Q. What do you like most about the company?

A. Definitely the company culture – everyone is so nice, helpful, and welcoming. Since it is a recruiting atmosphere, everyone is communicating, so I love the constant collaboration and teamwork. Also, since KNF&T is a staffing agency, my manager has offered to use the company’s resources to help find me a job after my internship ends, which is awesome!

Q. What advice would you give to anyone else who is looking for an internship?

A. My advice is to apply to all different kinds of internships within your majors. For example, I tried to find everything that I could find that was related to my major of business management. That’s what lead me to KNF&T. The most important thing about an internship is getting the work experience and a bonus is that it will help you recognize what you like and what you don’t like in order to set you up for future career success.

Q. Would you recommend KNF&T, especially to people who are unsure about their career path?

A. I would definitely recommend KNF&T. It’s great for anyone looking to work in a fast-paced agency environment and thrives on working with people. Even if the industry or the role isn’t a perfect fit as to what you want to do, the skills that you will learn are invaluable as they can easily transfer over to other roles. The position that I’m in even helped me with interviewing and being more comfortable talking on the phone, which will come in handy when I start my job search process. KNF&T also has a fantastic location right in downtown Boston, which is a huge plus!

KNF&T is looking for interns to join our team this summer and upcoming school year. Want to learn more about our internship program? Contact us today at 617-574-8200 or email your resume to