Link up with LinkedIn

With so much social media out there, what is the most important medium?  What site should you join, what should you say, can any of this really help you with your career?  To be honest, social media CAN help you during your job search.  It is all about connections, and the more people you know, the better chance you will have of finding a new position through them.  Friends, classmates, co workers, staffing agencies, recruiters- these are all important people to connect with.

You may need to change your mind frame when thinking about these sites, think less about ‘friending’ or  ‘tweeting’ and more about ‘linking’.  LinkedIn is not a new phenomenon, but if you are not yet signed up, it’s time to get involved.  Not only is LinkedIn a great place to connect with former co-workers and employers, even old friends, it is also the place to seriously network and look for jobs in your area.  LinkedIn is respected as a resource for business, and even top executives have profiles on the site.  Commonly used by staffing agencies and recruiters to find candidates, you can also benefit from networking if you are not in these fields.  Making lasting connections is important, even if you are satisfied with your current job, because you never know when you may be looking to move on or try something new.

Once you decide LinkedIn is the place for you to increase your internet presence professionally, make sure that you fill out your profile in a professional manner.  Thoroughly fill out all of your previous experiences, your skills, and even try to get a few recommendations from present and former co-workers on there.  Also, link to any professional blog or website, anything that will show off your skills.  The more you put into your page, the more people will respond to it, and employers may even start to seek you out!

Do you use LinkedIn?  Has it helped with your career or job search?  Leave your comments below!