MA Jobless Rate Hits Lowest Point in 15 Years

According to a recent article in the Boston Business Journal, the MA unemployment rate dropped to 3.9 percent in August from 4.1 percent in July – the lowest it has been since 2001, which was the end of the dot-com bubble. We love to see the economy in an upswing and, in spite of the low unemployment numbers, we’re busier than ever here at KNF&T.

An unemployment dip like this can mean companies have a harder time finding the most qualified candidates to fill their roles. When all the good candidates are seemingly taken, where do you turn? Well… to us of course.  We have been building a deep database of candidates since 1983 and have a strategic focus on sourcing and building pipelines for qualified passive candidates. We take pride in truly listening to clients and candidates alike so we can make happy, long-lasting matches between the two.

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ps. we do diversity search, too