Master The Phone Interview

The phone interview is almost always the first step in every interview process today, regardless of the type of position you are interviewing for.

More and more hiring managers are using the phone screen as the first step in the interview process to save time and qualify candidates. The key to success with a phone interview is to be prepared and treat it like a traditional, in person interview. By following these 6 tips below, you will position yourself for a better shot at being asked back for the next round. Whether you’re interviewing for an administrative, financial, accounting, human resource, information technology, or marketing position – good phone presence will be nothing but beneficial moving forward.

  1.  Be sure to schedule a time when you have access to a land line, while in a private/noise free setting. Too often cell phones are unreliable and interrupt the flow of the interview. Barking dogs i78630735n the background never help!
  2. While you prepare yourself, think about the parallel skills you’ve developed in previous professional and/or academic work. Find the opportunity to reiterate the job description in a way that caters to your strengths.
  3. Do your homework! Research the company, the industry, and the people you’ll be interviewed by. See if you can make any connections. Have a strong list of questions regarding the position and the company for the end of the interview.
  4. Make sure your articulation and tone suggest a positive, “can do” attitude!
  5. At the close of the interview, ask the employer if there is anything about your background that needs further explanation.
  6. Make sure you close the phone screen by thanking the interviewer for their time and asking what the next step might be.

Have you ever experienced a difficult phone interview? Do you have a success story you can share? Please comment below or provide additional tips that could help other candidates.