New Years Resolutions

We all make new years resolutions, mostly in our personal lives, but we should take the time to make some in our professional lives as well.  Companies and organizations always make plans for the New Year, which are resolutions in their own way.  Managers think about what the company needs to work on, what should be accomplished, and how much money should be made, just to name a few.  This enthusiasm for a new start, a new year, is usually met with excitement for the new plans, projects, and budget that will come along with it.  The key to keeping that excitement alive is to stick with your New Years plan as much as possible, stay on budget, and keep the projects moving and employees motivated.  That New Year excitement is the feeling that we as employees need to try to hold on to throughout the year!

Some great business resolutions for companies and employees in the New Year are:

  • Expand your network – make more connections and attend more networking events
  • Keep up with planning meetings –  as the year goes on adjust your plans accordingly, address what is and what is not working and actually fix it
  • Promote your business – plan for marketing and advertising depending on your company’s size and budget
  • Give back to the community your company is located in
  • Set realistic goals for the new year, don’t go overboard
  • Stay invested in your work – step back and take time to think about why you are doing each project and the positive effect it will inflict on your company

What are your resolutions or goals for next year?  Let us know!