KNF&T VMSKNF&T has been successfully providing enterprise staffing services under contract for large volume accounts since 1989. Since that time, KNF&T has supported large volume accounts as an On-site and Off-site Master Service Provider (MSP).

In addition to the experience, qualifications and proficiency KNF&T brings to our large volume staffing accounts, we also have the ability to offer customized staffing programs based on the needs and requirements of each and every Client.

Specialized In-House VMS Team

KNF&T ’s specialized, in-house Vendor Management Services Team was established in response to the rising demand and increasing popularity of the implementation and utilization of Master Service Providers (MSP), Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and custom third-party staffing software programs.

Our Team of experienced full-time employees is dedicated to providing our MSP and VMS partners with exceptional service and the expertise needed to efficiently and effectively support and enhance your recruiting and hiring practices.

Services and Benefits

KNF&T utilizes VMS Access which easily integrates with various 3rd party VMS programs thus streamlining the exchange of information between 3rd party vendor management systems and KNF&T’s internal enterprise staffing software. Through our use of VMS Access our Team is able to fill VMS order more efficiently and with increased time and cost savings.

The services we provide will contribute to a more effective and efficient talent acquisition process :

  • Managing the recruiting & screening process, including scheduling interviews
  • Candidate verification, reference checks, background checks & other measures depending on client requirements
  • Candidate skills testing
  • Customized reporting
  • Electronic billing & on-line time card management & approval process
  • Payrolling
  • Continuous evaluation of performance & program success

Established Provider Partnerships

KNF&T and our VMS Team have formed relationships with a wide range of MSP/VMS providers and extensive experience utilizing various 3rd party vendor management software systems.

Below is a partial list of our established MSP/VMS partnerships:

  • Allegis Group, Inc.
  • Beeline
  • Fieldglass™
  • IQNavigator
  • Pontoon
  • PRO Unlimited
  • Procom
  • The Forum Group