Springtime Job Search

Spring has sprung, and many people often begin searching for a job around this time.  Spring is a time for refreshment and renewal and a new job can often be a part of this.  College graduates, high school graduates, and many others are looking for employment during the spring.  Also, many feel as though the summer is a time when companies may not hire, so they want to get their foot in the door before then.  Companies are also aware that graduates will begin their job hunt at this time so they may prepare themselves to hire for seasonal or entry level positions during this time as well.

So, what are the first steps you should take for a springtime job search?

  1. Make sure your resume is up to date.
  2. Check on your LinkedIn profile; make sure it includes all of your jobs, skills, etc.
  3. Update all of your social media networks so they are work appropriate.
  4. Reach out to any connections and contacts you have, you never know where you will get your break.
  5. Work with recruiters and staffing agencies.
  6. Look into temporary employment which can help get your foot in the door to a great company or possibly a permanent position.
  7. Apply to positions you are interested in and qualified for, and always include a cover letter describing both why you are interested and qualified.

This article from Recruiting Trends also gives advice on “spring cleaning” your job search, along with some great tips.  Do you think the spring is the right time to search for a new job?  Let us know below!