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Emergencies happen in every organization. But just because emergencies are unexpected, it doesn’t mean that you have to be unprepared.

With Staff-on-Standby™ (SOS), you’ll have immediate access to highly skilled professionals the minute you call.

How SOS works

Employees in KNF&T’s Staff-on-Standby™ program arrive in our office weekdays at 8:00 am. Whether you need to fill a last-minute vacancy; need help with a major project; or are facing a critical deadline, call us by noon and we’ll have a skilled employee to you within minutes of your request.

Employees that are not dispatched to clients by noon may either work for KNF&T or choose to work at a non-profit organization for the rest of the day.

What type of employees are available?

The SOS program includes our best contract employees—individuals with a wide range of skills and experience. All SOS candidates are proficient in MS Word and Excel, and have strong typing skills as well as reception desk experience. We also offer a variety of candidates with specific skill sets to match your needs.

The next time you need immediate access to talent, call 617.574.8200 and ask for KNF&T’s Staff-On-Standby™.


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