Staffing Companies and Career Fairs

By Stacey Crane-Chaulk

I recently participated  in the 3rd Annual New England XPO For Business. The event proved to be a great success and is receiving rave reviews from both media and board members. I have to agree! There are countless benefits to attending a career expo, especially for Staffing Companies.

KNF&T was the staffing partner for this event.  This was my second time at the event, but the first time with KNF&T Staffing Solutions. KNF&T temps were in charge of the full registration process for all the events participants, speakers and the press. It was a wonderful opportunity to show the public the quality of our candidates.  I believe that some people have a misperception of the types of people who temp. Some people temp simply because they like to! The feedback on our temporary employees was outstanding: They were polished, professional, and friendly.

We were also visited at our booth by all kinds of people looking for work: college graduates, people changing careers, and others who were just curious about what we did. We told those looking for work to send resumes directly to our offices. The majority of those that did are now working.

It was great for the KNFT&T Staff  to see first hand all the “new” emerging technology companies that had booths at the Expo. People spirits were high which was refeshing, especially that the economy has been tough for some. The New England XPO  2011 was a great event for us. We received great branding, exposure to the latest technology, added to our candidate pool, and we now have some new clients. All in all a worth while event!

What has been your experience with Business Expos? We would love to hear from you.

Take a look at the sponsers of this great show so not to miss it next year.

Stacey Crane-Chaulk is the Business Development Manager at KNF&T Staffing Resources. She can be reached at