Summer Hiring Slow Down?

Many people believe that the summer is the slowest time in terms of finding a job- but that may not be the case. There are jobs opening up during the summer, just like there are jobs opening at every other time of the year, and companies DO hire during summer months.  By searching during a time when many believe it to be slow, you may be competing against less people for the position you are interested in, and why not give yourself a head start in the workforce? 

The summer is the perfect time to start searching, especially if you are a recent college grad- you will get a jumpstart on your classmates.  While many graduates want to enjoy their summer and wait until late summer or fall to find that full time job, you could snag the position if you get your resume out there early.  On top of finding full time opportunities, you may also find a temporary position to get your foot in the door.  Many people take vacations during the summer, and often times those positions need to be filled and companies may be looking for more temporary help than other times of the year.  This may be your opportunity to shine!

Since summer is known to be a little bit slower, you may also get yourself more personalized attention and more opportunities by trying to amp up the search during these months.  With fewer candidates at staffing and recruiting firms, as well as interviewing for jobs, many hiring managers may have more time to meet with you.  This will allow you to get an overall better feel for the company because you are interviewing at a less stressful time when people may be more available to show you all the ins and outs and train you properly. 

Do you think there is an ideal time of year to look for a job, what have you experienced in terms of summer hiring?  Leave a comment below and let us know!