TEAM BONES: Movember Day 14 and The Leaderboard

David Wertheim, Mo Bro - Day 14

David Wertheim, Mo Bro – Day 14

Movember is at the half way point and Team Bones is MORE than half way to meeting their fundraising goal.  But David Wertheim, CFO of KNF&T Staffing Services in Boston, isn’t worried about the dollars. “It’s a fun thing to do and it’s helping to raise awareness which really is the ultimate goal for me.”  As a cancer survivor, David is pleased to see Movember gaining popularity in the media.  Five of  NBC Right Now news and production employees have formed a team “NBC Right Grow” to raise awareness and funds for Movember.  Their story can be found on NBC’s website.

Movember has 65,468 “Likes” on Facebook and 56,252 followers on Twitter (@Movember).   As for monies raised in the past 2 weeks, Movember’s website ( breaks down the different category leaders.

Globally,  Canada leads the pack with $11,360,442 US dollars raised so far with 161,333 members; the US is in 2nd place having raised $9,528,281 US dollars with 205,135 members; and the UK is in 3rd place having raised $8,375,745 US dollars with 238,250 members.

In the United States, Team Nuclear, consisting of 150 TIAA-CREF employees, are ranked #1 nationally having raised $81,810 US dollars in the first 2 weeks of Movember.  Greg Koch, from Team Stone Brewing, leads the Individual Leaderboard having raised $27,483 US dollars and Big Moustache On Campus (BMOC) is the Network leader having raised $929,738 US dollars with over a membership base of over 25,ooo Canadian students.

There is also a category called the Platinum Club.  Membership is awarded to the Mo Bro or Mo Sista who has raised at least $1000 US dollars. To learn more, click here.

With 15 days left in Movember, there is still plenty of time for more  funds and awareness to be raised as the Mo’s across the United States and the rest of the world start to take shape, fill in and make a statement.

GQ Magazine and Gillette teamed up to present:

from the Experts at GQ
For a cleaner shave, make sure to soak your face with a hot,
moist washcloth for a minute or so before shaving.
A Badger’s Hair shaving brush will give you
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Always shave a little bit wider than your actual Mo
and then make the final trims with an edging razor.
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Just like you, your skin needs to wake up.
Don’t shave right away in the morning.

EST 1957

This is the 3rd installment in a series of 6 blogs following David Wertheim and Team Bones as they grow their Mo’s for the month of November.  To read more on Team Bones, click here.