TEAM BONES: The Story of a CFO “Mo Bro”

David Wertheim

David Wertheim, CFO, KNF&T

David Wertheim, also known as ‘Bones’ to his close-knit group of childhood friends due to his boney frame growing up,  is a bonafied, registered Mo Bro.  A Mo Bro is a male participant in the worldwide moustache movement started by Movember, the global men’s health charity that raises funds and awareness for the fight against prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges.  In addition to being a Mo Bro, David is also the Chief Financial Officer for KNF&T Staffing Resources in Boston, but more importantly, David is a cancer survivor.

“I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in my late 20’s.  I had a two surgeries and went through chemotherapy”, David says, “and thankfully I have been cancer-free for over 15 years.”  His life-long friends discovered Movember last year and  joined the movement as the team appropriately named ‘Team Bones’.  “It’s a fun way to be involved and help raise awareness for what can be, if detected early enough, one of the most cureable forms of cancer.” David explains.

According to Movember’s website (  Mo Bros  are encouraged to join the movement by growing a moustache for the month of November.   After registering online, Mo Bro’s start the month of November clean-shaven then grow and groom their moustache for 30 days.  “The Movember 1, 2013 shave down is a symbolic rite of passage for Mo Bros to officially join Generation Moustache and celebrate Movembers 10th annual campaign,” says Mark Hedstrom, US Country Director for Movember. According to a Movember press release dated October 16th, 2013, in 2012 Movember US saw more than 209,000 Americans growing and supporting the Mo, raising $21 million for men’s health to combat prostate and testicular cancer.  Since 2003,  Movember has become a truly global movement inspiring more than 3 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas across 21 countries.

David is excited to be a part of Movember for the 2nd year in a row.  He and the rest of Team Bones took part in the shave down ritual Friday, November 1st and are looking forward to growing and grooming their Mo’s while recruiting friends, family and colleagues to support their efforts.

dave mo bro pic


Join us as we follow David’s  progress over the next 30 days.  Every Friday  pictures of David’s Mo will be posted, along with updates on Team Bones.  And if perhaps you spot someone who could be a Mo Bro it may prompt you to start a conversation, which in turn will help generate awareness and ultimately educate others on these very important health issues men face.  For more information, visit Movember’s website,

David Wertheim currently lives outside of Boston with his wife and two children.