The Benefits of Working from Home (For Employees AND Employers)

Should working from home be allowed?  Is it a good idea?  Can it even work?  Many employers may ask themselves all of these questions and more when deciding if they want to allow employees to work from home.  It is a decision that is many times made on a case by case basis while some employers have specific policies for working from home.  But if the employer and employee can agree on an arrangement to work from home it can certainly be beneficial for all involved.

Working from home is often times a great solution for workers, especially parents, to achieve the elusive work life balance.  They are around to see their kids or pick them up from school, but are also still putting in the work/hours of a full time job.  But the employer can benefit from this arrangement as well: studies have shown that people who work from home occasionally are actually more productive than they are at the office. Also, by being flexible and understanding of employee’s personal lives, employers are much more likely to retain those employees.

If working from home is an option that is available in your office, there are a few tips to make it a more productive environment:

  1.  Have a dedicated work space.  Having an office or at least a desk at home will allow you to be more productive and put you in more of a “business mindset”.
  2. Set up your hours and stick to them- don’t sleep in or take a two hour break for a movie.
  3. Try to avoid distractions and know of what type of worker you are (do you need a quiet space or can you work through the chaos?).

Working from home is a privilege and could always be taken away if standards aren’t being met, but if you stay focused and continue to do your job- working from home can be a great solution for all!

Do you work from home?  Or do you wish you could? Let us know and comment below!