The Biggest Mistakes 20-Something Job Seekers Make by Forbes Staff Writer, Susan Adams

We’ve mentioned #7 on this Top 10 List many times. But if you are a 20-something (or 30 or 40 something) job seeker, the other 9 mentioned in this Forbes article written by Susan Adams, are worth their weight in gold!

ThinkstockPhotos-466227568The Biggest Mistakes 20-Something Job Seekers Make by Forbes Staff Writer, Susan Adams

There was the young job seeker who showed up at his interview 15 minutes late, failed to apologize, and then asked if the interviewer had a garbage can so he could throw away his gum. There was also the 20-something applicant whose call to the hiring manager went dead in the middle of the conversation. The young woman didn’t call back for two hours, only to explain, without apology, that she had dropped her phone in a tub of water while she was getting a manicure. READ MORE