The Life of an Accounting and Finance Recruiter

Ever thought about becoming an accounting and finance recruiter? We sat down with KNF&T’s Senior Vice President and Director of Major Accounts, Jason, to gain more insight on what it means to be a recruiter and what makes it such a rewarding occupation. This is what he said:

Why is it fun to be an accounting and finance recruiter?

I think the industry itself is fun. There are so many things that accounting and finance can stand for such as corporate accounting, corporate finances, financial services, and more. Also, since the market is always changing, being an accounting and finance recruiter can be a very exciting job because each day is dynamic.

What’s a typical day for you?

I start my day by checking emails and making marketing calls over to clients. I also like to check in with my candidates who interviewed the day before to make sure everything went okay and that their thank you notes went out. Then, I check in with my team to see what jobs are the most important to fill that day. After that, I just plan the rest of my day as to when I will make more marketing calls, when I have interviews with my candidates, and when I have team meetings. No matter what my day looks like though, I always end the day by setting myself up for success for the next day. This includes taking out the resumes of the people who I want to call and preparing my client list that I want to call, so I’m ready to hit the ground running in the morning.

What’s the highlight of your day?

The highlight of my day would have to be whenever we get a job filled either on the temporary or permanent side – anything that shows success. I also love whenever our office has a birthday party or a company event that allows everyone to gather together. It allows you to take a little break and step away from your desk, which is important for a recruiter since our days can be hectic.

Do you have a success story of a candidate that you’re really proud of?

My colleague and I just placed a recent grad who went through multiple interviews with highly reputable companies. It was a long process and she did a great job – she is a very strong candidate and it was great to see her journey ending with a terrific job offer.

How did you impact the accounting and finance team at KNF&T?

When I joined KNF&T, their accounting and finance team was mostly about placing customer service representatives and annuity representatives. Not only was I able to spearhead the accounting and finance division to make it what it is today, but I was also able to build a strong team that has continued to be successful.

How does Accounting and Finance (A&F) differentiate from other divisions?

A: Our clients in this area look for the brightest and best candidates in the marketplace. They want candidates to have that extra degree such as a CFA or a CPA. I think the differentiation comes from the types of clients that we work with and that we do a lot of work with recent grads – about 50-60% of our business is within the recent grad ranks.

What skills make a good A&F recruiter?

I’d have to say the desire to be the best and being able to comprehend and learn the market itself. The best way to be an accounting and finance recruiter is to start from the bottom and really understand the junior roles that will allow you to gain insight on the marketplace. You must know what you are recruiting for so that when you speak to candidates, you can listen to their needs and be able to make a close to perfect match up.

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