The Most Commonly Overlooked Item to Bring to an Interview: Part 1

Most of us know the basics for how to prepare for an interview, networking event, or career fair – bring copies of your resume, draft a list of questions, dress to impress, etc. However, there is one item to include that is often overlooked: business cards.

In this Q&A with KNF&T’s Associate Recruiter, Amar, we delve into why business cards are so important and how they can help you stand out in a sea of candidates.

Q: Who should bring business cards to interviews?

A: Everybody and anybody. You don’t need to be employed to have a business card, you can create one just for yourself to help further your personal branding. So whether you are a student, self-employed, or unemployed, you can personalize business cards with your contact information to help with networking and to create a lasting impression at an interview.

Q: Why should you bring business cards?

A: It not only creates a powerful first impression, but it also shows that you are serious about your career and actively seeking out opportunities. It’s a strategic way to brand yourself, which is essential for standing out against competition.

Q: At what point during the interview should you hand out your business card?

A: Don’t start out your interview by handing out your business card. The rule of thumb is to always wait to give yours out until you receive someone else’s (this also applies for networking events). And if by chance you never receive one from the person you are speaking with, then hand yours out by the end of the interview.


Not sure what to include on your business card or how to design them? Stay tuned for part two!