The Most Commonly Overlooked Item to Bring to an Interview: Part 2


Last week we talked about why you should include business cards as part of the interview process. This week, we’re delving into what to include on the cards and how best to design them. Our Associate Recruiter, Amar, weighs in:

Q: What should you include in your business cards?

A: You should always include your name and personal contact information including email address and phone number. It’s important that your email be professional and appropriate, such as some hybrid of your first and last name. You can ditch that middle school email you created years ago.

If you’re a student or recent grad, it’s helpful to also include your school, major, and year of graduation as well as the industry in which you would like to start your career. If unemployed, add the job titles and opportunities you are seeking.

Q: Where can you get/create them?

A: There are many companies that have templates to help you design your personal business cards. Prices can vary, but you can get around 500 business cards starting at $10 at companies like Vistaprint, Moo, Gotprint, Zazzle, Office Depot, Staples, or Shutterfly.

Q: How should you design them?

A: Pick your design wisely. If you’re seeking a job in professional services, a conservative look is more appropriate. However, if you’re in marketing or something more creative, feel free to take on a more colorful approach. Serif fonts are generally favored over Times New Roman, and when it comes to colors, never use a black background with white lettering. It doesn’t read well visually.

If you’re a student, using your school colors is a great association, just don’t use your school logo – it can lead to misrepresentation.

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