The Successes and Benefits of Temping

TempingBenefitsWhen candidates hear the term “temporary position,” they may want to start running in the other direction. However, there are many advantages to accepting a temporary or contract position. Here are just a few success stories.

In 2014, KNF&T kicked off its first annual “staffing employee of the year” award. The award was established to honor the temporary employees who continuously go above and beyond what is asked of them, while demonstrating an incredible work ethic and a willingness to learn new things.  And at KNF&T, we are lucky to have a lot of strong contenders, which is why we actually announced finalists as winners on a quarterly basis – each with a great story to tell.

Sean Fitzsimmons

For instance, Sean Fitzsimmons was our fourth quarter winner of the 2014 contest…and ultimately named the overall staffing employee of the year for 2014. Why? As a KNF&T senior vice president put it, “Sean has been a remarkable employee of KNF&T. He brings an amazing work ethic to the job…our clients constantly request Sean due to the superior work he performs…and he is someone whom I trust at any client site.”

Michelle-Lum-HeadshotAnother example is our second quarter winner, Michelle Lum. She came to KNF&T uncertain about the direction of her career and was open to exploring different temporary work assignments across various industries in hopes of finding a long-term fit. Her take?

“KNF&T has played a big role in my life since my move to Boston. Working with KNF&T gave me the opportunity to not only start working right away, but also to expand my professional network in only a few months. Their support of my growth and career development has been invaluable on both a personal and professional level.”

keven meehan headshotKevin Meehan, a long-time KNF&T employee, had this to say about his pursuit of a career: “I was also looking on my own and always felt as though my resume was just thrown into a funnel. Having someone in my corner who was helping, guiding and supporting me through the entire process made it so much easier.” In January of this year, less than six months after starting in his new position, the client hired Kevin as full-time employee.

Deborah BaronTemping also gave Third Quarter winner Deborah Baron the opportunity to experience several industries. “Through my affiliation with KNF&T, I’ve had the privilege to work in higher education and the healthcare industry, as well as state government.”



And there are many more temping success stories we can highlight. The point is, as you are looking for a job, do not overlook the temping option. Temping is popular everywhere – on a national scale. In fact, both the Mass Staffing Association and the National Staffing Association have their own annual temporary employee contests. Why do people choose to go the temping route? There are so many benefits to be had, such as:

  • Taking on a temporary role opens up an entire market of new job opportunities.
  • Temporary work is a chance to gain the experience you need while looking for your ideal job.
  • Temporary jobs are a great way to test a certain field or position to see if it is the right career fit. If you stay in the field, you will not have lost any ground. If you choose not to stay in the field, the position is only temporary!
  • Temporary assignments come in a variety of forms: short-term, long-term, temp-to-perm, etc. There is a great chance of finding your ideal scenario.
  • If you are someone who needs more flexibility than what is traditionally offered in a 40-hour work week role — but you still need to generate income — a temporary or contract position may be a great solution.

Want to give temping a try? Give us a call, (617)574-8200! Before you know it, you may find yourself in the running for winning our 2016 competition! Keep an eye out next week for the announcement of our 2015 Staffing Employee of the Year.