The Top 3 Reasons to Have Staff on Standby in Case of Emergency

Staff on Standby

Emergencies happen with every company. Employees call in sick or fail to show up for work. You receive a project that your team lacks the skills to complete. You uncover last-minute needs and don’t have anyone to fill them. Just because emergencies are unexpected doesn’t mean you need to be unprepared. Having access to qualified workers when needed helps get the job done on time.  

Here are three reasons to take advantage of Staff-on-Standby™.   

1. Unplanned Absences 

When employees have unexpected absences, you need qualified workers to take their place. Whether your team members call in sick, decide to quit, or don’t show up for work, not finishing their tasks impacts the rest of your team. Teammates are already busy with their projects and responsibilities. They don’t have time to take care of the absent member’s responsibilities while fulfilling their own. Heaping additional tasks upon already maximized workloads lead to lower engagement, job satisfaction, and employee morale. If this continues over time, teammates get burnt out. Many will decide to leave.  

2. Skills Gaps 

When you discover that your employees lack certain skills to complete a project, you need to find qualified professionals to complete the work quickly. You probably don’t have skilled candidates in mind who can come aboard and begin producing. Having to go through the recruiting and onboarding process requires a significant amount of time and money. When time is of the essence, you lose the luxury of being able to vet a candidate and make sure they have the skills and experience required to complete the project.   

3. Last-Minute Needs 

When you discover last-minute needs for a project, activity, or event, you have to have them filled right away. If the tasks don’t require significant training to be completed well, but your team is busy with other responsibilities, you need workers to come in and help out. Someone self-motivated, service-oriented, hardworking, and proactive typically can handle these tasks. In most cases, these requirements can be filled within minutes by Staff-on-Standby™.  

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