Things to Consider: When is the Best Time to look for a Job?

Anyone who is considering a new job (currently employed or not) will tell you there are a lot of opinions with regard to the best and worst times to look. Some will say the first of the year is good, based on budget cycles and the notion of “fresh starts”. Others will say the spring is good, due to new initiatives and weather-related factors. Then there are those who will say August is a good time, since there is less competition, with others disagreeing that it is a slow month for job seekers. And of course, there is the macro trend: when the economy is good and the employment rate is up. These are all good points to consider, but in reality, the best time depends on a few much more personal factors.
woman deciding

1. When you are personally ready

Take some personal inventory with regard to your goals and what makes you happy. What is motivating your job search? Are you looking for a new role or a new industry? If you are currently employed, what aspects of your job do you enjoy and what would you change?


2. When your heart and mind are in the right place

You need to put forth the effort necessary to make positive impressions with each person you meet throughout the process. In short: your head needs to be in the game. Prospective employers can sense when someone is only going through the motions – and they certainly don’t want to hire someone in that frame of mind.


3. When you want it

Whether you are just starting a job search or looking while currently employed, it never hurts to take a look at what is out there. In fact, this opportunistic approach can often yield the best results, since it can lead to the job you “want” versus a job you “need” — and is likely one that will motivate you as you grow in your career.

Bottom line: There are always going to be pros and cons from a calendar standpoint, but the reality is – regardless of industry –  if there is an immediate need for a job, there will likely be an immediate opening that could be ideal for you – and this can happen at any time. Your ideal job is out there – when you are ready.