Think Recruiting Isn’t for You? Think Again (Part 2)

Last week, we heard from the Executive Vice President of KNF&T’s Diversity Search and Direct Hire divisions, Michelle DesChenes, on her surprising and rewarding journey from Enterprise Rent-a-Car into the world of recruiting. This week, we are continuing the series with a story from another recruiter, Emily, who started her career in an unrelated industry and ended up as a recruiter. If you are thinking about a career change, recruiting is an excellent choice… and you likely already have the skills that help make a successful recruiter, like Emily. Here’s her story:

“Before starting as a recruiter at KNF&T Staffing Resources, I was a retail manager at L.L. Bean for four years. When it came time for a career change, I sought a career counselor who helped me discover that my skillsets – such as working with people, providing customer service and multitasking in a fast-paced environment – would make a great match for recruiting. My background as a retail manager also gave me experience in interviewing, sourcing and attending career fairs, which are all key skills that a good recruiter has. Once I realized that recruiting wasn’t all about numbers and sales, and instead actually about making relationships and helping people in the community, I gave it a serious thought and decided to take the leap.

Before making my career change, I didn’t know much about the recruiting industry. But recruiting really is what you make of it. I like that if you want to be more successful, you have the ability to do so. You get out what you put in — if you want to make more money, you can make more money by working hard and reaching out to more candidates, working closely with clients, and helping more candidates secure assignments. Being able to have measurable success is also a great perk of being in recruiting – you can always tell when you’re doing a great job.

If you are looking for a career change, recruiting is a great avenue for those looking for a fast-paced environment where there is variety in your days as well as an opportunity to constantly meet new people. To make that career move, I highly suggest starting out by talking to your peers and talking to people who are in the recruiting industry – give us a call! It’s a great way to get a feel for the industry and find out if recruiting is the right fit for you.”

Stay tuned for part three to hear about our next recruiter’s journey from non-profit work to the recruiting world.

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