Think Recruiting Isn’t For You? Think Again (Part 4)

These past couple of weeks, we have heard the stories of how professionals made a successful career change into recruiting after coming from seemingly unconnected backgrounds such as retail, non-profits, and the automotive industry. This week, we sat down with Danielle to hear about how she made the switch from a career in speech therapy to one in recruiting. Here is her story:

“I started my career doing speech and behavioral therapy at a clinic for children on the autism spectrum. I liked my job because it was what I had gone to school for – I studied communication disorders – but it got to the point where I was getting burnt out. I needed a change.

Recruiting hadn’t crossed my mind until I sat down and really got serious about my new job search. I knew I wanted to go into something completely different to be in a more corporate setting with an opportunity to grow. It was hard finding a job, though, because my resume was so different; it was all speech related, so it didn’t go hand-in-hand with what people were looking for in the corporate world. Thankfully, a family friend who does recruiting introduced me to staffing agencies and educated me on how they help people find jobs. After learning more about the industry, I scheduled a consultation with a recruiter and I quickly realized that recruiting was something I would be interested in doing. After that, I made an appointment with KNF&T, expressed that I was interested in their internal roles, and was offered a permanent role as a recruiter.

At my old job, I had a lot of experience working in a team, which helped ease my transition into recruiting. As a recruiter, you have to be very team-oriented and have constant and open communication at all times. My fine-tuned listening and communication skills also helped me with recruiting because you have to be able to listen carefully to your candidate and properly communicate with them in order to find them a job they enjoy.

So far, I love my new career. It is fast-paced and busy, and all of that work ends up being so rewarding when you brighten someone’s day by telling them they have an interview or that they have a job offer. It’s a great feeling to be able to play a part in finding someone a job that is the right fit for them. For anyone looking for a career change, I highly recommend recruiting because it’s a fantastic way to get your foot in the door and grow professionally. It has helped me improve upon my skills such as communicating through the phone, managing my time throughout the day, and multitasking. I’m sure anyone interested in recruiting will have the same rewards and positive experiences that I have had.”

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