Think Recruiting Isn’t for You? Think Again (Part 1)

Being a recruiter is a dynamic role involving close interaction with clients and candidates and a lot of earning potential. But too often, people dismiss recruiting as a potential career path because they don’t have the direct work experience. For example, Michelle DesChenes never thought she would be the Executive Vice President of Diversity Search and Direct Hire at KNF&T, but that’s exactly where she ended up. Here’s her story:

“After working at Enterprise Rent-a-Car for a number of years, I realized it was a great training ground for recruiters. It was very fast-paced and autonomous, with a focus on multitasking and thinking on your feet. When it was time to make a professional move, a former colleague introduced me to the staffing industry. This type of industry had never once hit my radar before, but once I started to pursue it, I realized that recruiting involves so many aspects of what I love to do. With recruiting, not only do I have person-to-person interactions, but I also build long lasting relationships and really, truly, help people.

It wasn’t until I joined the staffing industry that I fully realized  the support it gives to communities. It plays an instrumental and critical role in a city’s economy, even influencing the employment rate on a monthly basis. Recruiters make a strong impact by offering work to individuals moving from one state to another, and providing a stability to companies that are growing or going through change that might occur due to a merger or acquisition. In hindsight, my training at Enterprise Rent-a-Car was the perfect way to gain the skills a recruiter needs. Even though the two job functions are very different, the intangible skills, work-ethic, and the ability to work with the public are so valuable. These skills led me to my job in recruiting and, what can I say… I love my job! As a staffing professional, I’m able to make a big difference.”

Are you looking for a career change? Are you someone who likes to build relationships, help people, and have every day be different and exciting? Then recruiting can be your next big career move. Check out our internal positions today.