8 Steps to a Diverse Workforce (Deloitte Study)

By Michelle DesChenes, Executive Vice President of Diversity Search and Direct Hire

Diversity staffing is something that’s always on my mind and something that so many clients of ours are striving for – a diverse and inclusive workforce. But what does having a diverse workforce really mean?

For us, it goes beyond offering candidates of different backgrounds and presenting a balanced talent pool. It really goes beyond the candidate level and transcends to the cultural mindset of the hiring organization.

In order to create that type of workforce, the organization must be dedicated to making diversity the norm. Leadership must buy-in and have a plan and, in turn, the company as a whole must buy in.

I came across an excellent study by Deloitte on this very topic. It covers eight truths of the “diversity and inclusion revolution” that are designed to help those achieve a diverse and inclusive workforce who might otherwise be struggling. I’ve included the list here, and a link to the blog post HERE.

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