Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Be a Recruiter


One of the most exciting and impactful careers is recruiting. Not only is each day different and packed with healthy competition, but you’re also making a difference in people’s lives.

If you’re a college student ready to jump into a cool career, or someone who is considering shifting into a new field, here’s why recruiting is for you:

  1. Change People’s Lives— as a recruiter, you are helping people with arguably one of the most important changes in their life: finding a new job. This may mean helping candidates land their dream job, or it could mean helping someone find work after a long period of unemployment. And since the job search process can be stressful, you act as a calming and empowering force in the candidate’s life.
  2. Money, Money, Money— recruiting positions often have a base salary with the ability to earn a commission. Because of this, you have incredible power over your financial destiny. The more candidates you place, the higher your income. And if you have a passion for it, placing candidates can become like second nature.
  3. Entrepreneurship— recruiters are often the only contact that applicants and clients have within an organization. As a result, you have a unique opportunity to represent the company while also building your personal brand. Each positive interaction is a reflection of you, and the connections you make will follow you throughout your career.

Chances are, you have what it takes to be a recruiter. Due to growth, we’re hiring at all levels for our Boston and Westborough offices. If you’re interested in a lucrative and rewarding career, check out our open internal positions and contact us today!