Veterans Placement Capability

KNF&T Supports Veterans in the Workforce

Did you know that KNF&T offers help to veterans in their job search? We are committed to helping veterans find the right fit in their next career and support them along the way. Many of the organizations that we work with are actively looking to assist veterans and provide opportunities for these men and women to re-enter the corporate workforce. KNF&T is passionate about being a link and support system for veterans to secure these opportunities.

One of our offerings is the ability to translate veterans’ unique skill sets from their resume to the corporate arena. With this information, we help create “the right fit” career-wise between both the veteran and our clients. We believe that the diverse experiences, variety of skill, and ability to flourish in a structured environment combine to make veterans a key asset in the corporate workforce.

Staffing Services for Veterans

If you’re interested in our services or applying to our open positions, contact us today. Call us at 617-574-8200 or email us at and let us help you find “the right fit.”