What to Expect at Staffing Firm Interviews

So, you’re interviewing with a staffing firm. Congrats! Contract work is a wonderful option for so many reasons…. if you’re in-between jobs, a recent graduate, want to gain industry experience, and more.

If you’ve made an appointment with a staffing firm, here’s what you can expect from your visit, and some tips to make the most of it:

Dress to impress – make sure to wear business appropriate attire. This seems like a given, but many people assume that because they’re just meeting with a recruiter (and not a client company) that it’s ok to dress more casually. But, unless you’re told otherwise, it’s important to represent yourself appropriately as this meeting is a preview of how you’ll dress on assignment. Put your best foot forward and dress for the job you want.

Bring your resume – even if you sent it ahead of time, bringing a copy of your resume shows initiative. Plus, you and your recruiter can review it together to make sure it’s as polished as possible.

Be honest – when talking to your recruiter, be truthful about your work experience, salary, what you’re looking for, other job activity, etc. Your recruiter is your advocate during the job search and is dedicated to helping you find the right fit, so providing the right information is important!

Bring two forms of ID – most staffing firms need to verify your ability to work in the U.S. Be sure to bring two forms of ID to make this process easy. Click here for a list of what you can bring.

Save time by filling out docs early – most staffing firms have a few forms for their contract workers to complete, like a W4, references, etc.  Complete these ahead of time at home to make the most of your time with your recruiter. If you’re interviewing with KNF&T, your recruiter will include a link to these in your confirmation email.

Be considerate – Can’t make it? Be sure to cancel or reschedule at least a day before.