When to Use a Staffing Agency

by Allison Parker

Are you considering calling on a Staffing Agency for your hiring needs?

When is it time to call an Agency for assistance?

If you are anticipating a hiring need, or you are past the pain threshold of a search and need to further expand your resources, reaching out to an Agency can only help. There is no cost to work with a contingency Agency until the employee is placed!

Staffing Agencies can provide assistance when:

    • You have a last minute requirement that is unplanned – for example your Receptionist, Executive Assistant is out sick, an Agency can help in a pinch. Our company in particular has a Staff-On-Standby™ (SOS) program  program to help with last minute staffing needs.


    • You need to hire for a peak time or for a special project and your internal resources cannot meet the demand.  A Staffing Agency can help with a strategic staffing plan, recruit and ultimately keep the flow of your business in tact.  KNF&T has clients who call upon us seasonally for example to support their needs staffing finance professionals during that peak time.


    • You are in need of assistance to fill a position and time has now become a factor. Finding the candidate of choice has become critical to avoid loss of productivity.  An agency would have an inventory of appropriate pre-screened candidates to share right away.


    • In order to maintain business consistency you may require a continuous number of temporary employees with specific skills. The “Right” Agency can provide a constant pool of pre-screened candidates to meet the needs of your overall operations.


Time sensitive personnel support and efficient processes are important to the operation of any business, and a Staffing Agency is a valuable resource to help support continuity.  Call on an Agency and learn more about how they can provide assistance when you need their help or even when you don’t. You will be happy to have a staffing partner who is ready to help when you need the assistance.

Allison Parker is the Director of Client Services at KNF&T Staffing Resources. She can be reached at aparker@knft.com