Which Grammar Mistakes Will Keep You From Getting A Good Job?

A recent article written by Forbes contributor, Rob Asghar, is a friendly reminder of one of the most common mistakes we make today: poor grammar.

“You don’t realize it, but you’re both a grammar snob and a 80618542grammar slob. Sure, you roll your eyes at those fools who use language more sloppily than you do – but you also get annoyed at those uptight prudes who judge you for being sloppy with your own punctuation.”

“The challenge is to be literate without being judgmental. We all need to have a certain amount of patience with those who play too loosely with language. After all, language is evolving rapidly in this information-overload society. While some rules still apply, sloppiness is more acceptable now, whether in an instant message or a New York Times article. And no one diagrams a sentence anymore, right?” – Rob Asghar

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“Not every grammar mistake will hurt your career, nor should it. But a little more attention to detail can pay off, in an age in which attention to detail has never been more lacking.”