Work life balance, how do you balance it all?

Let’s face it, for most of us, work is a lot of our life, but we don’t want it to be our whole life.  How do you strike that work life balance?  There is obviously not one simple answer for this question, but there are a few tips and to-dos that will make this issue easier.

First off, loving, or at least liking your job helps.  Enjoying what you are spending 8+ hours a day doing, couldn’t be more important.  Not everyone has found their ideal job, but trying out different positions until you get the right fit can make work, really not seem like work at all.

Also, you need to focus your time.  When you are at work, try your best, pay attention to the projects you are working on, and give it your all.  But when you leave the office, it is important to try not to have your work life over take your personal life (this is where the balance comes in).  Watch TV, read a book, exercise, do something other than work, and enjoy that time with your family, friends, and pets. 

Working for a company that promotes a work life balance also helps.  Many times employees may feel conflicted about taking their lunch break or vacation days, but everyone needs and deserves a break.  It has been shown that employees are more productive if they take breaks in their days, it allows for better concentration when actually working.

Below are some takeaway tips for trying to achieve the elusive balance:

  1. Make a schedule, and try to stick to it
  2. Be efficient with your time, prioritize
  3. Exercise, and take some time to relax
  4. Try to spend a few hours tech free, studies have shown it will allow you to sleep better

Do you have any tips for achieving a work life balance?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!