YES – The Pathway To Success

Yes brochure cover pathway to success


KNF&T’s Senior Staffing Consultant from our Accounting & Finance division, Joe Howard, works with a nonprofit organization known as YES. Youth Enrichment Services’ mission is to inspire and challenge youth with physical and mental activities that foster life-long respect for self, others, and the environment.

This past summer, KNF&T hired Kaya, a fifteen year old Boston public school student who started with YES in 2007.


Joe Howard, a long-time YES volunteer and Kaya’s supervisor at KNF&T, praised Kaya’s work ethic and attention to detail. She put the 21st century skills she learned in the Career Exploration Program to good use while working as a Recruiting Assistant at KNF&T. “Kaya was able to take our direction and complete ANY task given in a timely and accurate manner. She was always on time, worked hard, and always wanted to learn more!” The staff at KNF&T were so impressed with Kaya, they invited her back to work there this winter over her holiday break.