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3 Zoom Interview Tips for Success

Jun 6, 2022

Posted by: Paul Becker, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, BANKW Staffing

Originally launching all the way back in 2012, it was during the covid pandemic that Zoom would become a household name. Useful in a range of applications from virtual birthday parties to telemedicine to dating, Zoom allows people to connect with each other face-to-face irrespective of the tyranny of distance. And it is also becoming increasingly relied upon in the world of HR to interview candidates. With this in mind, let’s look at the 3 essential tips to ensure that the next time you zoom interview for a job you make your mark. 

Zoom Interview Tip #1 – Preparation is Key 

Laptop charged? Check. Background clutter free? Check. Enough lighting? Check. Sounds like you’re all set to begin your Zoom interview. But before you do there’s just one last thing to prepare: and that’s your job interview attire. If you are going to be seated and not walking around/shifting too much (which we strongly recommend), you should be ok to get away with the classic Zoom wardrobe choice of a nice top and whatever else you want to wear as a bottom. Go ahead and wear your pajama pants! Not only will they help you to stay comfortable, but you’ll also come across as cheerful because you’ll have pulled one on the interviewer (heck, they’re probably doing the same thing!). Now that the pressure is off you in terms of assembling an entire wardrobe, make sure you put effort into choosing a great looking shirt or even business jacket to put your best foot forward. 

Zoom Interview Tip #2 – Make Mute Your Best Friend 

When you can hear the dog barking and children playing in the background, this can be extremely distracting during a high-pressure Zoom interview. Be at the ready when it is not your turn to speak and mute your microphone. This is especially advantageous if the interviewer likes to talk a lot and ask long, drawn-out questions. You won’t be causing offence by muting yourself because you will be keeping up your NCV (non-verbal communication) by maintaining eye contact. Just be sure to turn your mic back on when it is your turn to answer a question!  

Zoom Interview Tip #3 – Practice 

Maybe you’ve been supplied with the interview questions in advance. Or maybe you can guess what the interviewer is likely to ask you based on your prior dealings and further research. Whatever the case, it’s best practice to sit yourself down in front of a mirror and annunciate your responses to practice interview questions. This way you will get a feel for how you are coming across and appear much more relaxed, poised, and confident when it comes to the big day of your Zoom interview. However, it is important not to over-prepare as you still want to be alert to the nuances within the questions you’re getting asked. The interviewer will be put off if it appears you are reciting a rehearsed script! 

Final Thoughts

Following the advice outlined above will ensure you are well and truly ready to ace your next Zoom interview. Take advantage of the fact that the interview is happening via video and curate your space to give off a vibe in line with the organization that is interviewing you. For instance, if you are getting interviewed for a teaching position, don’t be afraid to use a bookcase stuffed with books as your backdrop. This will work subliminally to inform the interviewer of your intellectual capacity and applicability for the role. Using these tips will mean you’ll zoom through your next Zoom interview with flying colors! Good luck! 

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