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State of the market and minds through q1

State of the Market and Minds Through Q1

With a quarter-plus of 2022 in the books, the question on everyone’s mind is what the rest of the year will have in store for us – personally, professionally, and/or culturally.  Although much has proven uncertain, the numbers show that this year has proven to be...

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The new workplace reality

The New Workplace Reality

In my humble opinion, there has never been a cooler or more innovative time to be in human resources than today. The status quo has died at our feet, and our workplace culture and employee experience, in many cases, require reinvention from the ground up. How do we...

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How you can effectively network in a virtual world

How You Can Effectively Network in a Virtual World

Networking should not slow down when you are working remotely. Connecting with other professionals in your company and industry lets you meet new people and develop current relationships. Staying in touch keeps you top of mind with other professionals. Offering to...

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New year … new career

New Year … New Career

5 Ways to Keep Your Job Search On Track in 2022 Now that the presents are unwrapped and the ball has dropped, it’s time to get serious about your New Year’s resolutions. Most of us have good intentions, but let’s face it…most resolutions get broken before the month of...

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End of year self assessments

End of Year Self Assessments

It’s the end of the calendar year and in addition to the self-assessment your organization may have asked you to do, it’s also a time when we take stock of our personal goals – what we’re proud of, what we’re glad we tried, what worked and what didn’t. The act of...

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The appropriate way to navigate office happy hours

The Appropriate Way to Navigate Office Happy Hours

​Deciding whether to join your team for office happy hours can be challenging. On the one hand, you may want to stay at the office for another hour and get more work done. On the other hand, you want to maintain credibility as the leader. Since you want to promote...

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Nailing the interview: how to not over prepare

Nailing the Interview: How to Not Over Prepare

Ever heard of those pesky little things called behavioral interview questions? You know, the questions that start out with, “Tell me about a time when…” or "Give me an example of…” These questions are meant for the interviewer to get to know how your experiences match...

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Using the rules of improv at work

Using the Rules of Improv at Work

The rules of improv aren’t just for comedy scenes on a stage. They’re a great guide for moving ideas forward and creating an environment that fosters listening, respect and innovation. As Robert Kulhane of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business said, “Improvisation isn't...

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Fired? How to talk about it in an interview

Fired? How to talk about it in an interview

Heading into a job interview knowing you’ll be asked a question that reminds you of a bad time in your work life can add an extra degree of difficulty to an already stressful process. There are ways you can prepare, though, that will help you frame the issue as a...

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Goals setting obstacles

Goals Setting Obstacles

Once you’ve moved on from outside considerations, fear may kick in. That number is way too high...What if I fail? What if my co-workers resent me? What if… Sometimes, fear just is. And when you’re looking at a big, end-of-year numbers, it can be overwhelming. So...

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To tell or not to tell: salary history

To Tell or Not to Tell: Salary History

It turns out that one of the most stressful things for Americans to talk about isn’t politics or religion or even death – it’s personal finances. So when a prospective employer asks for a salary history, you may find your blood pressure rising. If you are comfortable...

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Better employees

Better Employees

One of the things managers often struggle with is how to get their employees to perform at a higher level. Not because their people aren’t doing good work, but because they can do better work. And getting better work is part of a manager’s job. It’s easy to chalk it...

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