5 Summer Internship Tips to Help Make That Lasting Impression

Summer is finally among us; a time filled with warm weather, smiling faces, and best of all, terrific career opportunities. If you’re a college student, summer internships and temporary work are a great way to get a better notion of what you would like to do with your future. Internship experience can not only steer you on a career path you’ll love, but it can also allow you to network and make memorable impressions on potential future employers.

Below are five summer internship tips that will allow you to make that lasting impression and help advance you in the working world:

1. Treat it Like a Real Job: You are now in the working world. Even though you are an intern, you are still an important part of the team. Be sure to take your duties seriously and show your manager that you are there to work and make the most out of the opportunity. It’s best to keep in mind that any work you do, or mistakes you make, will have an impact on the company in some way, so always put your best foot forward!

2. Show You Care: Showing your manager and coworkers that you care about your duties will go a long way. A great way to start out is by taking notes when you are given any type of instructions. It will show your attentiveness and seriousness about getting the task at hand complete. Also, keep in mind that your relationship with your manager is important. You can continue making a great impression by following up on projects and deadlines, being honest and respectful, and offering any help when you have extra time on your hands.

3. Ask for Feedback: Feedback will only help you grow and succeed throughout your career. Don’t be afraid to ask your manager how you are doing and ask for suggestions on what you could do differently in order to improve. This will show your eagerness to better yourself in your role and will allow you to identify you strengths and weaknesses.

4. Find a Mentor: Having a mentor in the company to help support you and teach you the ropes in the working field will only lead you to success and knowledge throughout your career. You will also be able to establish a solid relationship that you will be able to fall back on whenever you need advice (even after you leave your internship). A great way to start a mentor relationship is by asking someone that you respect out for coffee or lunch.

5. Manage Your Time Wisely: Time management is a key skill to have once you become a working professional. Completing projects and tasks on time will show your manager that you are responsible and reliable, and when given several tasks, it will show that you can juggle multiple duties. If, however, you are having trouble completing a project on time, remember to always be transparent with your manager. He/she can advise you on how to better prioritize your work.

Keeping a list of all your tasks during your internship is a great way to keep everything fresh in mind when it comes to updating your resume. Be sure to include all the skills you learned as well so that your resume will be current and ready to go for your next opportunity. Also, remember that if you ever have questions about your resume, you can always consult with a recruiter at KNF&T.