How Staff Augmentation Can Keep Your Business Running Efficiently

Mar 9, 2021

Posted by: KNF&T Staffing Resources

No matter how effective your HR team is, they probably can’t hire qualified professionals on a last-minute basis. It’s also unlikely they can quickly locate talent with specialized skills when needed. Plus, the majority of employees your HR team hires need weeks of training to start producing at desired levels. Because there will be times when you need a last-minute replacement for an absent employee, a professional with specialized skills for a new project, or a worker who can begin producing within days of starting, you may want to look into staff augmentation to fill your recruiting needs.

Here are three ways staff augmentation helps maintain smooth business operations.

Fast Placements

Staff augmentation is a top solution when you need immediate help. When an employee unexpectedly calls in sick, is let go, or resigns, team members can’t always pick up the slack. If your company undergoes a merger or acquisition, professionals with specialized skills may be needed to assist with the transition. When a large-scale project comes up, you could require a professional with experience your employees don’t have. Staff augmentation can fill these and other needs that exceed team members’ capacity and capabilities. Vacancies quickly need to be filled to continue smooth operations. The less time needed to find, onboard, and train a worker, the greater your productivity levels remain.

Skilled Professionals

Bringing aboard augmented staff provides access to skilled professionals. Since top talent have plentiful employment opportunities, they often change employers for career advancement. Including augmented staff in your workforce provides consistent access to in-demand skills needed to finish projects. You choose which top professionals work for your organization and when. Depending on your needs, augmented staff may stay a few days, weeks, months, or a year.

Limited Need for Training

Because augmented staff members are highly experienced, they need little training when starting an assignment. Their significant skill sets let them hit the ground running. The more assignments augmented staff takes on, the more quickly they adapt to a role, coworkers, and company culture. They learn to pick up new information in a short amount of time and apply it to their work. The less time needed for training, the more time spent producing.

Hire Augmented Staff

Hire augmented staff through KNF&T Staffing Resources. Whether you’re looking for direct–hire, contract, contract-to-hire, executive search, or diversity search, we have qualified candidates in a variety of industries. Contact us to learn more today.

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