Is LinkedIn Replacing the Modern Resume?

Apr 6, 2020

Posted by: KNF&T Staffing Resources

With the similarities between your resume and LinkedIn profile, you may wonder whether both are still relevant to your job search. With a significant number of job openings being advertised and applied to online and the ability for hiring managers and recruiters to access your social media profiles, you might think your resume has become obsolete. Although having a strong digital presence is important for boosting your visibility among employers and connecting with industry professionals, your resume is needed to target specific jobs and companies that interest you.

Here are some reasons you need both your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile Differ

Your resume should look very different from your LinkedIn profile. Your resume is an outbound marketing tool customized to a job opening and employer. It should be written in the third person using a formal tone and language. Include details about your key responsibilities and major achievements. Scatter throughout your resume keywords from the job posting to optimize it for applicant tracking software (ATS) compliance.

In contrast, your LinkedIn profile is an inbound marketing tool that should be written in the first person with a more casual tone and language. Present your information in a higher-level structure for a broad audience. Emphasize your skill sets so employers and recruiters can find you. Update your profile as you change employers, get promoted, gain skills, or modify your area of focus.

Your LinkedIn Profile Complements Your Resume

Use your LinkedIn profile to provide information not included in your resume. Start with a recent, professional headshot. Write a bold, keyword-filled headline describing your focus and area of expertise. Include a summary introducing who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and the skills and experience you have to offer. Provide your current title, employer, dates, location, and a brief paragraph describing your role. Complete your Skills & Expertise section. Fill out your Education, Certifications, Projects, Publications, and Volunteer Work sections. Request recommendations from colleagues, coworkers, direct reports, supervisors, clients, and other connections to demonstrate your working relationships. Ensure your profile is clear, concise, and easy to read.

Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile Serve Diverse Purposes

Your resume and LinkedIn profile fill different career purposes. The majority of job postings require you to upload a cover letter and resume to apply for a role. The documents need to be tailored to the position, hiring manager, and organization. This is an active marketing tool that can bring your qualifications to the attention of a specific employer.

Conversely, your LinkedIn profile increases your visibility with hiring managers and recruiters. They may find you by searching for the necessary skill set and having your profile appear. This is a passive marketing tool that can have employers come to you.

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