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5 Reasons Why Companies Turn to Specialized Recruiters

Jan 9, 2018

Posted by: BANKW Staffing, LLC

An employer brand, or the reputation a company has among job seekers and in the general community as a company to work for, is important. It’s what they’re known for providing as an employer. And it’s also how they get people to come work for them.

So when companies turn to a staffing firm to partner with, whether it’s to consistently help supplement their recruiting efforts or for one-off tough fill positions, it’s important to know who is co-managing the brand, because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

How Hiring Has Changed

It used to be, when companies had open positions they would post them in the local newspaper and tell their staff to see if anyone knew someone qualified and looking, and then they’d wait to see who applied. We call this the “post and pray” method, and companies still do it. Mind you, most companies now are posting their open positions online versus in traditional print publications, but the approach is the same – they wait to see who comes to them.

But the employment landscape has changed, and this approach does not yield the level of talent or the kind of employees companies are looking to hire.

In June, New Hampshire was in a three-way tie for fourth in the country for lowest unemployment, at 2.9 percent. This number has major implications – mostly for the good – but it also means companies are competing against each other for the same talent – and often finding themselves flat-footed in their approach and results.

Candidates today have access to a variety of sources to find information on companies and new jobs, and oftentimes they might not even be seeking the information to receive it.

A few of the places people go when they’re researching new companies or looking for jobs are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Company website
  • Other social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

This is where managing an employer brand starts.

Not only is it important to be engaging with this audience of top talent on these platforms, but the truth of the matter is that whether companies are proactively managing their brands or not, the information is out there. This is one of those, you wouldn’t want your reputation to proceed you before you’ve had the chance to influence the opinion others have of you, kind of things.

And this is where specialized recruiters can help.

Why Companies Turn to Specialized Recruiters

Companies take for granted the power of influence they turn over when they engage a staffing firm to help them find their next employee(s). It’s important to be able to trust this partnership, because the recruiters leading these searches are the ones establishing the relationships with potential future employees.

5 Reasons Why Companies Turn to Specialized Recruiters:

  1. Specialized recruiters are experts. Not only do specialized recruiters know where to find candidates in the industry and with the particular skill set they specialize in, but they also know how to properly source and quantify this type of talent.
  2. They’re networked. Recruiters serving a specific industry, or whose focus is on a particular skill set, have an invaluable network of niche candidates. Their job is to constantly be connecting with people in the sector they specialize in. The companies who partner with these recruiters gain access to an elite pool of candidates that has been assembled and nurtured over time.
  3. They know their candidates. Companies turn to specialized recruiters for their relationships. Good recruiters meet with every candidate they represent, and really good recruiters with great candidates have most likely met with them multiple times. Nothing can replace the value that comes from these face-to-face meetings, and it’s a huge timesaver for hiring companies. Not only do they get introduced to candidates who have been vetted on a hard and soft skill level, but companies partnered with a specialized staffing firm get introduced only to those who are qualified and who make sense for their company.
  4. They’re established. Companies also turn to specialized recruiters for their connections to the community. In addition to being hyper-connected to a specialized pool of talent, they live and work in the community where they recruit and are an established expert geographically as much as they are in a particular skill set. Specialized recruiters know the ins and outs of the local market and provide employment expertise that cannot be found through digitally-based or automated sources alone.
  5. They double as employer brand advocates. In the same way specialized recruiters are selective in the candidates they represent, they are equally as selective in the companies they pitch to their candidates. When recruiters approach candidates they know with a job opportunity, they’re sharing and promoting a company’s brand. It’s a recruiter’s job, as much as it is to find candidates, to assist companies in promoting, attracting and retaining top talent. And that’s exactly what a good specialized recruiter does – they advance a company’s employer brand while sourcing and vetting for the talent they need.
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