The Key to Managing a High Volume of Temporary Employees on Your Workforce

Temporary Employees

Whether your company needs seasonal help, has a short-term project requiring specialized skills, or wants to test a worker in a contract-to-hire role, there will be times when you bring a significant number of temporary employees aboard. Your organization has its staffing needs filled for a specific period without the expense of hiring full-time employees. Because temporary employees are part of your team for a limited time, you may be unsure how to manage them properly. Although theyre there to help out, they wont be with you long-term. So, you need to get the most out of these workers for as long as theyre with your organization.  

Here are a few tips to help you manage temporary employees. 

Provide a Rewarding Experience  

Since temporary employees are part of your team for a limited time, ensure you maximize their impact. Learn everyones names and a bit about their interests. Introduce temporary employees to teammates and others theyll be working with. Explain that theyll be helping out for a while. Include temporary employees in meetings and correspondence appropriate for their work. Since they dont have prior history with your organization to draw on when they have questions about their work, temporary employees need as much information and company connectivity as possible. Include them in birthday celebrations, lunches out, and other team activities. Temporary employees need to know theyre valued members of your team, so they perform their best  

Give a Short Orientation 

Provide temporary employees with an abbreviated introduction to your organization. Talk about your company‘s mission, vision, and values so temporary employees can behave in line with them. Include the anticipated length of time theyll be working with you. Discuss the scope of the work and what it entails. Share all possible information about the tasks temporary employees will be performing. Include a paper copy of the topics discussed to refer back to as needed. Allow for questions throughout the discussion. Match temporary employees with staff members who can guide them around the office, answer questions, and provide support. Although temporary employees are able to adapt to new positions and work expectations quickly, they need time to assimilate what they learn into their performance.  

Give Feedback 

As you observe temporary employees working, provide feedback on their performance. Most are looking for ways to improve. Many want to increase their experience level and potentially be offered a full-time position. If permanent employment isnt a possibility, be upfront about it. Although a traditional job performance review isnt required, you can point out specific things temporary employees do well and offer advice on how to improve in other areas.  

Hire Temporary Employees   

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